Hunting Tidbits

Safety Harnesses:
Hunters who don’t wear their safety harness when climbing or when in their deer stand are just being foolish. Every year you hear about someone falling out of their stand and getting hurt (often seriously), but we all think it won’t happen to us. Wear your safety harness. It’s not that difficult. If you won’t do it for you self, do it for you wife, or kids or parents. Think about how you will feel if they have to care for you for the rest of your life if you fall and become paralyzed.

Wind Direction:
During deer season the wind blows out of the South 22% of the time, North 15%, SE 13% NE 10%, E 10%, SW 10%, NW 8% & W 5%. (Totals don’t add to 100 as when the wind is barely blowing it is not taking into account for the statistics.) So check the wind before picking your hunting spot. However, always remember that the wind changes directions constantly and often so you should be high in your stand and do your best to keep scent free.

Wind Speed:
Deer don’t seem to move around as much when the wind gets over 10mph.

Bright Nights:
Deer move more at night during full moons, and bright cloudless nights. So they sometimes move less during the day after bright nights.